Full Name--
Street Address--
City, State--
Email Address--
Where did you hear about Silken Windhounds? How did you find Kohana?--
Please list your household members their ages and occupation(s)--
Do you (or significant other) work...At home or Out side the home?-- You At Home
You Outside the Home
Significant Other At Home
Significant Other Outside the Home
If need be explain work situations--
The house is empty for how many hours during the day--
Where will your Silken spend it's day time hours--
Where will your Silken spend it's night time hours?--
Describe residence, House, Appartment? Yard? Fenced - how high, not fenced?--
If you do not have a yard how do you plan to excercise your Silken and how often?--
Do you own any dogs now and if so please describe what kind and age?--
If you are interested in a companion do you plan to spay/neuter your Silken?-- Yes
Not Sure

Will you be breeding this Silken? Yes
What activities would you like to share with your Silken? Check all the following that applies-- Showing/Confirmation
Lure Coursing
Obiedence Training/Competition
Therapy Work
Breeding/Raising Silkens
If for whatever reason, you are no longer able to care for your Silken, do you agree to contact me & return the Silken to me?-- Yes
Do you have a preference Male or Female? Color?--
Please tell us why you would like a Silken and why you think your home would be a perfect match--

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Placement Application
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